Cum breathing – by Anon – there clearly was no relevant question in skip Camden’s brain. Phil’s breath smelled of cum, the actual question that is only that is cum?

Cum breathing – by Anon – there clearly was no relevant question in skip Camden’s brain. Phil’s breath smelled of cum, the actual question that is only that is cum?

Cuckold in NYC – by Etiene with Patty – a husband that is cuckold their dom wife see NYC on company and invite a person to become listed on them for enjoyable and frolic. Their guest needs to submit to being fully a submissive. (MMF, wife, voy, bi, orgy, swing cuck that is,

Cuckold Sucks Wife’s Boyfriend – by Etiene – Well, it offers finally happened. From among all of the delightful men we?ve provided time with more than the just last year, Patty has met somebody with whom she’s got quite strong emotions. We?ve shared our sleep, rooms in hotels and cottages in a lot of towns and cities even though many every guy had been a joy, none caught Patty?s love like Robbie. (MMF, orgy, mast, bi, swing cuck that is,

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Cuckolds Write for me – by Etiene – whenever I first unveiled my cuckold need to Patty i did not discover how she’d respond. According to her statements that are previous on the life of our relationship I suspected she would not appreciate my choices. (MMF, cuck, nc, bi, mast, orgy, rom)

Cum breathing – by Anon – there is no concern in skip Camden’s brain. Phil’s breath smelled of cum, the actual question that is only who is cum? (MM, voy, dental, fet)

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Cum Initiations – by Navakantam – a guy is brought into a select club that is fetish of and discovers their own restrictions and desires. (MM, mast, dental, orgy, bd)

Cum Provider – by KY Jelly – a man subscribes with an ongoing company providing you with semen for couples in need of assistance. (MF, MM, bi, mast, dental)

Cumming In Party – by NebieWon – After a long time of denial, we finally enable myself the pleasure that I’d experienced as a kid. (MM, dental, anal, gb)

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Dad as well as the Coach – by Joe Troutt – A rowdy teenage child gets a small discipline in their life. (MM, adult/teen, spank, oral, anal)

Daddy Becomes Mommy – by Marci Manseau – an account of a daddy that is more like a mom, along with his really close relationship along with his 13 yr old child, her closest friend, along with her closest friend’s dad. (MMf, bi, ped, transexual, inc, cd)

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Dad’s minimal area – by Q12 – A son discovers a secret about his daddy and himself. (M-solo, bi, inc, voy, mast, doll)

Dad’s shock xmas present – by Kip Hawk A grown guy recalls an unique Christmas time Eve together with his dad during their teenager years. (Mm-teen, ped, inc, 1st-gay-expr, dental)

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