Magic’ acknowledges active sex-life in many NBA towns

Magic’ acknowledges active sex-life in many NBA towns

Johnson, whom retired through the l . a . Lakers a week ago after testing good for HIV, published the content together with Roy Johnson (no relation), a Sports Illustrated author and composer of the baseball celebrity’s biography.

Among other points Johnson, that is vacationing in Hawaii, makes into the tale:

–His biggest fear had been that his expecting spouse had been infected. She tested negative.

–He denied rumors he could be homosexual, insisting he became contaminated after maybe not utilizing a condom and sex that is having a girl.

–He nevertheless really wants to play when you look at the 1992 Olympics.

Johnson stated he discovered he previously the virus after Dr. Michael Mellman, the Lakers group physician, called him in Salt Lake City and asked him in the future house to Los Angeles straight away.

When Johnson saw their physician, Mellman told him: ‘You’re HIV good. You’ve got the AIDS virus.’

‘Suddenly, we felt unwell,’ Johnson writes. ‘I became numb. In shock. And, yes, danish wife I happened to be afraid.’

He stated their first idea had been about his spouse of 8 weeks, Cookie, who had been seven months expecting.

‘My biggest fear ended up being he wrote that she and the baby were also infected. ‘ That could have been more devastating if you ask me than such a thing i would need certainly to proceed through in fighting AIDS.

‘As I had just one other thought: It is all over. for myself,’

Now Johnson claims he could be more positive, even claiming he will beat the illness that includes no cure. Johnson admits he was ignorant concerning the infection in the beginning, thinking it just impacted ‘gays and drug users. Maybe Not for some body just like me.’

He additionally relates, ‘we did not understand the distinction between herpes as well as the infection. While my ears heard HIV positive, my head heard AIDS.’

Johnson stated rumors he and Detroit Pistons guard Isiah Thomas kissed each other on the cheek before each game that he was homosexual began during the 1988 NBA Finals when.

‘By now I am sure nearly all of America has heard rumors he said that I am gay. ‘Well, you are able to forget that . We have never really had an encounter that is homosexual. Never Ever.

‘we have always been sure that I happened to be contaminated by having sex that is unprotected a girl who’s got the herpes virus. The issue is that i can not pinpoint the right time, the area or perhaps the girl. It really is a matter of figures. Before I happened to be hitched, i must say i lived the bachelor’s life. I am no Wilt Chamberlain, but when I traveled around NBA towns, I happened to be never ever at a loss for feminine companionship. .

‘we confess through unprotected sex,’ meaning he did not wear a condom after I arrived in LA in 1979, I did my best to accommodate as many women as I could — most of them.

Basketball Hall of Famer Chamberlain writes in their present guide which he has already established intercourse by having a approximated 20,000 feamales in their life time.

Johnson’s acknowledgment of their sex that is active life the street employs previous University of Southern California and Olympic baseball celebrity Pamela McGee characterized Johnson as being a ‘major womanizer.’

In a letter into the Los Angeles Times published Saturday, McGee wrote: ‘Knowing his lifestyle that is flamboyant had been bound to take place in the course of time. ‘Magic’s closest buddies constantly knew him as a player that is major womanizer. He has had one-night stands with exactly exactly what he calls ‘freaks’ across America.

‘The explanation he probably managed to make it public would be to alert the several thousand females he has got slept with.’

Johnson published he cried while telling their teammates before generally making their general public statement. First, he called five of his closest buddies — NBA rivals Thomas, Larry Bird and jordan, previous mentor Pat Riley and talk show host Arsenio Hall.

‘Larry cried,’ he penned. ‘So did Arsenio. Isiah simply did not like to think it. Pat and Michael listened in stunned silence.’

Johnson attempted to keep a positive tone throughout the content, also predicting he’d beat AIDS.

‘We knew that i might probably contract AIDS within a decade,’ he published. ‘. I also stated I became likely to beat the condition. And I also will.’

Johnson ended up being certainly one of 10 players chosen in September to express the U.S. baseball group during the Summer Olympics. At their news meeting week that is last Mellman stated Johnson wouldn’t normally play more basketball.

‘Don’t count me personally away for the ’92 Olympics in ‘ Johnson said july. ‘ If i am healthy, i would extremely very well be on the ground for the opening tap in Barcelona. . I have won every major prize here is. But I do not have A olympic silver medal. I’d like it. Jesus ready, we’ll have it.’

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