What exactly is your allowance? How far from Sandpoint must you be? Do you really need cellular phone solution?

What exactly is your allowance? How far from Sandpoint must you be? Do you really need cellular phone solution?

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You covered many basics of rv living. Very informative and I also appreciate the resources.

many thanks and happy you discovered my travel weblog. I would ike to know if there’s any real way i will allow you to fulfill RV residing easier.

I wish discover a location to park my rv for the next 12 months +- i shall require complete hookup. Near to Sandpoint Idaho

Many thanks for visiting my web log and reaching off to me personally with this subject. Sorry for the delayed reaction I’ve been for a backcountry camping trip and simply getting back again to civilization now. Before I’m able to answr fully your concern you ought to consider a few questions:

What exactly is your financial allowance?
What lengths from Sandpoint must you be?
Do you want cellular phone solution?

From my research whenever residing in Sanpoint:

Many campgrounds in your community fee between $400-$600 a thirty days plus electric, and $35-55 per night. The best campground deal that I present in the region had been Travel America which can be a 24-hour fuel place five full minutes from downtown Sandpoint right over the long connection which also dubs being a campground and mobile house park. So its a walk that is short your RV to your shop for almost any supplies you will need in the middle of the evening.
The month-to-month price for Travel America is a set price (no top period or off-season rate variants) $430 thirty days and that includes all resources (water electric wifi and sewer). The deal that is best in your community is in Westmond during the cozy RV Park 7 miles south of Travel America. This can be a personal residence with about eight RV full hookup spots straight across through the Chevron petrol place for $230 four weeks. There’s also a laundromat and showers down the street. The following most useful deals are away in Hope that is about 35 to 45 moments Northeast of Sandpoint during the Trestle Creek RV Park and past Hope Resort. Both these RV Parks charge around $450-$475 a thirty days plus electric. Mobile phone solution is spotty but Verizon works, and simply next door is a totally free general public ship use of Lake PendOreille and little park. The next closest choices have been in Priest River, and all sorts of run for $450-$500/ thirty days plus electric. Cellular phone solution in Priest River is also even worse than Hope and commuting are challenging on weekends, holiday breaks or general public occasions. North of Sandpoint is a town called Bonners ferry that also has choices but which was past an acceptable limit I never researched the campgrounds for me so. Probably the most obnoxious and option that is absurd the region could be the Sandpoint RV Park located downtown next towards the most useful Western. For $800/month plus electric you’ll set your RV up in a parking great deal under a road lamp beside the railroad tracks that see 5-6 trains an hour or so.

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